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1Friendly2004-03-14 02:00:02Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win a nail-biterSCard Game/SCard Report
2Friendly2004-03-27 02:00:02Piscataway CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win in High scoring, nail biting chaseSCard Game/SCard Report
3Friendly2004-04-10 02:00:02Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubPrinceton WonSCard Game/SCard Report
4sarnoff2004-04-11 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubRainoutSCard Game/SCard Report
5sarnoff2004-04-17 02:00:02Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win after Gymkhana collapseSCard Game/SCard Report
6CLNJ2004-04-24 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubUSCA CCUSCASCard Game/SCard Report
7BragRts2004-04-25 11:00:00Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubRained out after WCC scored 204SCard Game/SCard Report
8sarnoff2004-05-01 03:00:03Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win with 1run and 1ball to spareSCard Game/SCard Report
9CLNJ2004-05-02 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CCMavs crush Warriors!!SCard Game/SCard Report
10sarnoff2004-05-08 03:00:03Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubUmpire - Neal Small. Start time 11:00 a.m.SCard Game/SCard Report
11CLNJ2004-05-09 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Gujarat CCSGCC win convincinglySCard Game/SCard Report
12Friendly2004-05-15 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubDanbury CCMavericks won - Please UPDATE SCORESCard Game/SCard Report
13CLNJ2004-05-16 03:00:03BAPSMavericks Sports ClubMavericks won :) haah!SCard Game/SCard Report
14CLNJ2004-05-23 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubLehigh Valley CCMavs win!! A total team effort!!SCard Game/SCard Report
15sarnoff2004-05-30 02:00:02Warriors CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs coast to 8-wkt winSCard Game/SCard Report
16Friendly2004-06-05 02:00:02British Officers CCMavericks Sports ClubRained Out Game/SCard Report
17CLNJ2004-06-06 03:00:03Panthers CCMavericks Sports ClubRained Out Game/SCard Report
18Friendly2004-06-12 03:00:03Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubNarayan - 52. WCC edge past Mavericks (214 vs 216/9 in 40th over)SCard Game/SCard Report
19CLNJ2004-06-13 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubPrinceton CCPrinceton Won. Fireworks by Raj 34 of 18 balls at the ends earns a good total for PCCSCard Game/SCard Report
20CLNJ2004-06-20 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubRaiders CCMavs win comfortablySCard Game/SCard Report
21sarnoff2004-06-26 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWestfield CCPraveen(4/15 in 8), Mandar(50/47, 3x6, 3x4) secure Westfield win despite fighting 50 by DimpleSCard Game/SCard Report
22CLNJ2004-06-27 03:00:03Kings CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win close gameSCard Game/SCard Report
23Friendly2004-07-03 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubHoboken CCDeep went deep for 93 runs, would have had more if only Nav could runSCard Game/SCard Report
24BragRts2004-07-05 02:00:02Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs decline Gladiators offer to buy drinksSCard Game/SCard Report
25danbury2004-07-10 02:00:02Windsor CCMavericks Sports ClubIn ConnecticutSCard Game/SCard Report
26CLNJ2004-07-11 03:00:03Piscataway CCMavericks Sports ClubPiscataway won by 121 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
27sarnoff2004-07-17 02:00:02Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubMAVS get a walkover Game/SCard Report
28CLNJ2004-07-18 03:00:03Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubMatch cancelled Game/SCard Report
29danbury2004-07-24 02:00:02Danbury CCMavericks Sports ClubTournament Final Rescheduled Game/SCard Report
30CLNJ2004-07-25 03:00:03Stars CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks barely hold off StarsSCard Game/SCard Report
31Friendly2004-07-31 02:00:02British Officers CCMavericks Sports ClubBOCC winsSCard Game/SCard Report
32CLNJ2004-08-01 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubIndus CCRained Out Game/SCard Report
33sarnoff2004-08-07 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CCMavs Won by 3 WktsSCard Game/SCard Report
34CLNJ2004-08-08 03:00:03Crescent CCMavericks Sports ClubSCard Game/SCard Report
35sarnoff2004-08-14 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGymkhana CCGymkhana concedes a walkover Game/SCard Report
36CLNJ2004-08-15 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Jersey Game/SCard Report
37Friendly2004-08-21 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubGymkhana CCCould become SarnoffSCard Game/SCard Report
38danbury2004-08-28 02:00:02Danbury CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win a roller coasterSCard Game/SCard Report
39CLNJP2004-08-29 03:00:03South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSCard Game/SCard Report
40quad2004-09-06 02:00:02Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubGlads win; Srikanth 133SCard Game/SCard Report
41sarnoff2004-09-11 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubPrinceton CCMavericks win bigSCard Game/SCard Report
42quad2004-09-12 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubHolmdel CCMavs win by 3 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
43quad2004-09-19 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win by 29 runs ( Amol left stranded again (-: )SCard Game/SCard Report
44FriendlyColumbia University CCMavericks Sports ClubColumbia winSCard Game/SCard Report
4520/202004-09-24 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CC2nd game 2PM Game/SCard Report
46Friendly2004-10-02 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubNJIT CC*** CANCELED*** Game/SCard Report
4720/20India CCMavericks Sports Clubthis game is on Sat. 10/1 at 2PM Game/SCard Report
48sarnoff2004-10-03 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGladiators CCgladiators won by 29 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
49quad2004-10-09 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubNJIT CCMavs win by 10 runs Game/SCard Report
50Friendly2004-10-16 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubColumbia University CCSCard Game/SCard Report
51quad2004-10-24 02:00:02Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win in a close/exciting game-Murali excels-Ravi match report to followSCard Game/SCard Report