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1Friendly2003-03-22 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubWCC wins first game of the season. Amol: 3 wkts,50 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
2Friendly2003-03-29 00:00:04Mavericks Sports ClubMiddlesex CCMavericks Won by 1 wicketSCard Game/SCard Report
3Friendly2003-04-05 11:00:00Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubRained out Game/SCard Report
4Friendly2003-04-13 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubJersey Eagles CCMavericks won by 4 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
5CLNJW2003-04-19 02:00:02South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSCard Game/SCard Report
6Friendly2003-04-20 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubMiracle CCMavericks win comfortablySCard Game/SCard Report
7CLNJ2003-04-27 02:00:02Holmdel CCMavericks Sports Club9-wkt romp for MavsSCard Game/SCard Report
8sarnoff2003-05-03 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubTeam WCC wins by 29 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
9CLNJ2003-05-04 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubNewark CCNewark won by 5 wkts - Very bad wicket but 26 form Airshad Khan and 23 not out from Sarfraz Khan bring home the 'W'.SCard Game/SCard Report
10sarnoff2003-05-10 02:00:02South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSGCC wonSCard Game/SCard Report
11sarnoff2003-05-11 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CCUmpire : PavanSCard Game/SCard Report
12Friendly2003-05-17 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubDummyDanburySCard Game/SCard Report
13CLNJ2003-05-18 00:00:07Mavericks Sports ClubPrince CCSCard Game/SCard Report
14Friendly2003-05-24 02:00:02Commonwealth CC A (MA)Mavericks Sports ClubTrip to Massachusetts, Rained out Game/SCard Report
15Friendly2003-05-25 02:00:02Boston GymkhanaMavericks Sports ClubTrip to Massachusetts, Rained out Game/SCard Report
16CLNJ2003-05-31 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubTitansTitans 55/2 in 21 Game/SCard Report
17Friendly2003-06-01 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubHoboken CCWashed OUT Game/SCard Report
18Friendly2003-06-07 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWestfield CCWashed Out Game/SCard Report
19CLNJ2003-06-08 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubPiscataway CCPiscataway WonSCard Game/SCard Report
20CLNJ2003-06-14 03:00:03South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSGCC won based on Run RateSCard Game/SCard Report
21CLNJ2003-06-21 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CCRained OUT Game/SCard Report
22CLNJ2003-06-28 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubPrinceton CCMavs win with 7 wickets and 24.3 overs to spareSCard Game/SCard Report
23sarnoff2003-06-29 02:00:02Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubWhoa! Mavs take Princeton to cleaners once again.....SCard Game/SCard Report
24sarnoff2003-07-05 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGladiators CCMavs wins convincinglySCard Game/SCard Report
25CLNJ2003-07-13 02:00:02Middlesex CCMavericks Sports ClubMAVS win comfortablySCard Game/SCard Report
26CLNJ2003-07-20 02:00:02Panthers CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win easilySCard Game/SCard Report
27Friendly2003-07-26 02:00:02Old Bridge CCMavericks Sports ClubSCard Game/SCard Report
28CLNJ2003-07-27 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubBAPSA comprehensive victory to the MAVSSCard Game/SCard Report
29sarnoff2003-08-01 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMiddlesex CCGame forfeited by MCC Game/SCard Report
30Friendly2003-08-02 02:00:02Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubMSC wonSCard Game/SCard Report
31CLNJ2003-08-03 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubDummySJCC wonSCard Game/SCard Report
32Friendly2003-08-09 03:00:03Gladiators CCMavericks Sports Club Game/SCard Report
33CLNJ2003-08-10 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubFriends CCWashed Out Friends 29 for no loss on 10 over Game/SCard Report
34CLNJ2003-08-17 02:00:02Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubMAVS win with a lot to spareSCard Game/SCard Report
35sarnoff2003-08-23 02:00:02Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubGymkhana Forfiet the Game Game/SCard Report
36CLNJ2003-08-24 03:00:03Indus CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks won by big MarginSCard Game/SCard Report
37CLNJP2003-09-07 02:00:02Newark CCMavericks Sports ClubNewark CC advances to Quarter FinalSCard Game/SCard Report
38Friendly2003-09-21 02:00:02DummyMavericks Sports ClubMavs win against SICC by 11 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
39sarnoff2003-10-04 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGladiators CCUmpire SivaSCard Game/SCard Report
40Friendly2003-10-11 00:00:04Columbia University CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs won by 5 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
41sarnoff2003-10-19 02:00:02South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSGCC lift the Sarnoff League 2003 cup after a close chase. Win by 7 wkts in the last over.SCard Game/SCard Report
42Friendly2003-11-16 02:00:02Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win a nail-biterSCard Game/SCard Report
43Friendly2003-11-23 02:00:02Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubHolmdel win another thrillerSCard Game/SCard Report