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1Friendly2002-03-09 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWestfield CCMavericks start with right foot forwardSCard Game/SCard Report
2Friendly2002-03-16 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubBlues WinSCard Game/SCard Report
3Friendly2002-03-23 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGymkhana CCGymkhana WonSCard Game/SCard Report
4Friendly2002-03-24 00:00:04Middlesex CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win easily chasing high totalSCard Game/SCard Report
5Friendly2002-03-30 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubScorecard is UpdatedSCard Game/SCard Report
6Friendly2002-03-31 00:00:04Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Gujarat CCMaverick's are now good in chasing. The Rpt has been posted.SCard Game/SCard Report
7Friendly2002-04-06 00:00:04Panthers CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks won by 6 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
8Friendly2002-04-07 00:00:04Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubGreat start by GCC against a strong opp- MSC 172 / GCC 154SCard Game/SCard Report
9sarnoff2002-04-13 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMiddlesex CCMavs coast to an easy 5 wicket winSCard Game/SCard Report
10CLNJW2002-04-14 02:00:02Piscataway CCMavericks Sports ClubPiscataway won by 4 wicketSCard Game/SCard Report
11sarnoff2002-04-20 03:00:03Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubRained out after 9 oversSCard Game/SCard Report
12CLNJW2002-04-21 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubPrince CCNJ Tigers won the matchSCard Game/SCard Report
13sarnoff2002-04-27 03:00:03Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs coast to an easy 8 wicket win with 18.5 overs to spareSCard Game/SCard Report
14CLNJ2002-04-28 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Gujarat CC Game/SCard Report
15Friendly2002-05-04 00:00:04Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CCSCard Game/SCard Report
16CLNJ2002-05-05 02:00:02Middlesex CCMavericks Sports ClubMiddlesex won by 100 runs : Prasant 77 N.OSCard Game/SCard Report
17Friendly2002-05-11 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubMavericks A wonSCard Game/SCard Report
18sarnoff2002-05-12 02:00:02Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubRained out - split points Game/SCard Report
19sarnoff2002-05-18 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubPrinceton CCRained Out... Game/SCard Report
20CLNJ2002-05-19 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGymkhana CCGykhana won by 7 wkts; Mavericks 139/10; Gymkhana 143/3, Saini 71*SCard Game/SCard Report
21sarnoff2002-06-01 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGladiators CCGCC trounces MSC on their home turf (Fzl 66) Fzl 2wkts;Venk 3wkts/10;Raj 2wkts)SCard Game/SCard Report
22CLNJ2002-06-02 03:00:03Crescent BMavericks Sports ClubMavericks won by 5 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
23CLNJ2002-06-08 03:00:03Drexel CCMavericks Sports ClubMukund(58 n.o) blasts MAVS to victorySCard Game/SCard Report
24CLNJ2002-06-09 00:00:05Mavericks Sports ClubCrescent CCMavericks Win by 22 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
25CLNJ2002-06-15 03:00:03Bombay Boys CCMavericks Sports ClubBombay Boys win by 16 runs - MOM PradeepSCard Game/SCard Report
26Friendly2002-06-22 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubHoboken CCSCard Game/SCard Report
27CLNJ2002-06-23 03:00:03Piscataway CCMavericks Sports ClubPiscataway WonSCard Game/SCard Report
28Trnglr2002-06-30 02:00:02Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubTriangular series (PCC +RUT +MAvs) - PCC won by 7 wickets - MOM: SunilSCard Game/SCard Report
29sarnoff2002-07-06 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win last over thrillerSCard Game/SCard Report
30Trnglr2002-07-13 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubRutgers NewarkMavericks win by 5 wkts chasing 203SCard Game/SCard Report
31Trnglr2002-07-14 10:00:00Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs wins Triangular Series by 61 runs Sanjay MVPSCard Game/SCard Report
32CLNJ2002-07-20 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubPrinceton CCMavericks beat Princeton by 7 wtks.SCard Game/SCard Report
33Friendly2002-07-21 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubHoboken CCMavs win by 7 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
34CLNJ2002-07-27 11:00:01Warriors CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks beat Franklin park by 50 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
35CLNJ2002-07-28 00:00:05Mavericks Sports ClubPanthers CCMaverick won by 3 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
36CLNJ2002-08-03 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubLehigh Valley CCMavericks won by 150 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
37Friendly2002-08-04 02:00:02Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs won by 90 runs.SCard Game/SCard Report
38CLNJ2002-08-10 00:00:04Indus CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win by 3 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
39sarnoff2002-08-17 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMiddlesex CCMCC beat Mavs by 3 wkts Chintan MOMSCard Game/SCard Report
40CLNJ2002-08-18 00:00:05Pakistan CCMavericks Sports ClubBY League rules #9 , #10. MSC awarded 2 points Game/SCard Report
41Friendly2002-08-19 10:00:00Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubMavs B winSCard Game/SCard Report
42sarnoff2002-08-24 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWestfield CCMavericks winSCard Game/SCard Report
43CLNJ2002-08-25 11:00:00Mavericks Sports ClubPrince CCNJ Tigers won the match by 5 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
44Friendly2002-09-07 02:00:02South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSGCC won by 48 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
45CLNJP2002-09-08 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubDrexel CCMavs by 64 runs(Mukund 109)SCard Game/SCard Report
46Pent2002-09-14 02:00:02Gladiators CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks trounces Gladiators at their home groundSCard Game/SCard Report
47CLNJP2002-09-15 02:00:02Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubRained out after 15 oversSCard Game/SCard Report
48Pent2002-09-21 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubHolmdel CCMavericks won by 3 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
49CLNJ2002-09-22 02:00:02Gymkhana CCMavericks Sports ClubGymkhana won by 4 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
50sarnoff2002-09-28 02:00:02Middlesex CCMavericks Sports ClubMCC Sarnoff ChampionSCard Game/SCard Report
51Pent2002-09-29 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubWCC Beats MSC , Kalpesh Patel : 5 wkts (hat trick) for WCCSCard Game/SCard Report
52Pent2002-10-05 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubGymkhana CCMavs win by 2 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
53Uday52002-10-06 11:30:00Mavericks Sports ClubLehigh Valley CCMavericks won by 62 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
54Uday52002-10-19 11:30:00Murray HillMavericks Sports ClubMavs spank Murray Hill silly!!SCard Game/SCard Report
55Pent2002-10-20 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs spanking continues from the day before....SCard Game/SCard Report
56Uday52002-10-26 03:00:03Warriors CCMavericks Sports ClubRained out Game/SCard Report
57Uday52002-10-27 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Gujarat CCSGCC won by 5 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
58Friendly2002-11-10 03:00:03Middlesex CCMavericks Sports Clubthe new MCCSCard Game/SCard Report