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1BragRts2001-04-07 10:30:00Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win comfortably by 6 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
2Friendly2001-04-08 00:00:05Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Gujarat CCrained-out Game/SCard Report
3BragRts2001-04-14 02:00:02Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win a roller coaster gameSCard Game/SCard Report
4Friendly2001-04-15 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMurray HillMavericks win by 9 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
5Friendly2001-04-21 11:00:00Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubAn easy win for Mavericks!SCard Game/SCard Report
6sarnoff2001-04-22 10:00:00Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubPrinceton won by 59 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
7MCL2001-04-23 00:00:00DummyMavericks Sports ClubDudash(Mavericks)Wolfpak Game/SCard Report
8sarnoff2001-04-28 02:00:02Piscataway CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win by 4 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
9CLNJ2001-04-29 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubIndus CCMavs win big scoring thrillerSCard Game/SCard Report
10Friendly2001-05-05 03:00:03South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSGCC won...Liaqat 113 n.o.SCard Game/SCard Report
11CLNJ2001-05-06 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubCrescent CCCrescent win by 1 wicket in a skin of the tooth game!SCard Game/SCard Report
12sarnoff2001-05-12 11:00:01Westfield CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs won by 67 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
13CLNJ2001-05-20 00:00:06Raiders CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs won by 5 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
14Friendly2001-05-28 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubDrexel CCDrexel wins by 23 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
15Friendly2001-06-02 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubWarriors CCCancelled Game/SCard Report
16CLNJ2001-06-03 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMiddlesex CCMiddlesex win low scoring gameSCard Game/SCard Report
17MCL2001-06-07 02:00:02Newark CCMavericks Sports ClubNewark (ST PAULS) wonSCard Game/SCard Report
18CLNJ2001-06-09 02:00:02Friends CCMavericks Sports ClubFriends won by 74 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
19sarnoff2001-06-16 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubIndia CCMavs Won easily by 43 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
20CLNJ2001-06-23 11:00:00Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubMatch abandoned - slippery pitchSCard Game/SCard Report
21sarnoff2001-06-24 11:00:00Holmdel CCMavericks Sports ClubMavs win comfortably by 49 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
22CLNJ2001-07-01 11:00:00Mavericks Sports ClubPanthers CCPanthers won by 107 runs. Jignesh scored 52 and Raju(Bobby) scored 43 runs.SCard Game/SCard Report
23CLNJ2001-07-07 00:00:04Newark CCMavericks Sports ClubNewark won by 82 runs.SCard Game/SCard Report
24CLNJ2001-07-08 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubGymkhana CCGymkhana wins by 19 runs.SCard Game/SCard Report
25CLNJ2001-07-14 00:00:04South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubSGCC wins by 90 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
26CLNJ2001-07-21 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubBombay Boys CCBombay Boys strike once againSCard Game/SCard Report
27CLNJ2001-07-28 03:00:03Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubPrincenton won by 5 wicketsSCard Game/SCard Report
28Friendly2001-07-29 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubOTP vs YTP (Game 1) - YTP won in a close finish.SCard Game/SCard Report
29CLNJ2001-08-05 02:00:02Pakistan CCMavericks Sports ClubTwo run last ball win for Mavs. Stuff that dreams are made of!SCard Game/SCard Report
30CLNJ2001-08-12 00:00:10Piscataway CCMavericks Sports ClubWashed Out Game/SCard Report
31Friendly2001-08-12 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubPiscataway CCResched. Plyd frndly; Piscataway WonSCard Game/SCard Report
32CLNJ2001-08-18 02:00:02Warriors CCMavericks Sports ClubMaverick WonSCard Game/SCard Report
33sarnoff2001-08-25 11:00:00Mavericks Sports ClubHolmdel CCMavericks won by 62SCard Game/SCard Report
34CLNJ2001-08-26 00:00:04New Brunswick CCMavericks Sports ClubMavericks win by the highest margin of 236 runs.SCard Game/SCard Report
35Friendly2001-09-01 02:00:02British Officers CCMavericks Sports ClubSCard Game/SCard Report
36sarnoff2001-09-02 10:00:00Mavericks Sports ClubPiscataway CCPiscataway won by 1 wktSCard Game/SCard Report
37BragRts2001-09-08 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWestfield CC@Johnson ParkSCard Game/SCard Report
38Friendly2001-09-09 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubIndia CCSCard Game/SCard Report
39sarnoff2001-09-22 10:00:01Princeton CCMavericks Sports ClubPrinceton is 2001Sarnoff League ChampionSCard Game/SCard Report
40Trnglr2001-09-29 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubENAUTIXMaverick won by 8 wktsSCard Game/SCard Report
41Friendly2001-09-30 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubOld Bridge CCMavs win easilySCard Game/SCard Report
4220/202001-10-01 00:00:00South Gujarat CCMavericks Sports ClubLaurel Hill County Park10AM start, Black clothing Game/SCard Report
43Trnglr2001-10-06 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubIndia CCMaverick won by 21 runsSCard Game/SCard Report
44Friendly2001-10-13 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubWestfield CCWestfield wonSCard Game/SCard Report
45Friendly2001-10-14 03:00:03Mavericks Sports ClubSouth Gujarat CCMukund's ton helps MAVS post an emphatic winSCard Game/SCard Report
46Trnglr2001-10-21 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubIndia CCMAVS crush ICC in a high scoring matchSCard Game/SCard Report
47Friendly2001-10-28 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubFriendly game against Staten Island Cricket Club Game/SCard Report
48Friendly2001-11-22 02:00:02Mavericks Sports ClubMavericks Sports ClubAnnual Awards Ceremony with families Game/SCard Report